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Quantum Crystal Copper Pyramid & Amethyst Crystal Beds
For Deep Heart & Soul Clearing & Activation!


Copper pyramids raise frequency & vibration by amplifying positive energy &  blocking negative/harmful energies.  They are powerful tools for mind, body, spirit healing & soul activation, while supporting enhanced spiritual connection &  deep healing & meditative states.

Our UNIQUE, one of a kind, hand made, quantum crystal HEARTLIGHT pyramid is a Giza, which connects to the Heart Chakra, the  master healer of all imbalances & the link to our soul's unlimited potential! The pyramid is wrapped with hundreds of quantum rose & clear quartz crystals, creating a "divine quantum portal"  that continuously live streams unconditional love & light, for profound healing & activation! Specific Angelic frequencies have been added as well to anchor, support and ground heart centered healing.

*** In addition, the beds are HeartLight's Quantum Amethyst Crystal for deep inner peace and access to higher consciousness simultaneously.  

Price ~
1 Person ~ 30 Minutes ~ $50   45 Minutes ~ $75
2 People ~ 30 Minutes ~ $80   45 Minutes ~ $120

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