Infused Copper Crystal Pyramid on a Quantum Amethyst Bed

For Deep Heart & Soul Clearing & Activation!

Copper pyramids raise frequency & vibration by amplifying positive energy &  blocking negative/harmful energies.  They are powerful tools for mind, body, spirit healing & soul activation, while supporting enhanced spiritual connection &  deep healing & meditative states.

Our unique HEARTLIGHT pyramid is a Giza, which connects to the Heart Chakra...the  master healer of all imbalances & the link to our soul's unlimited potential!  Angelic infused rose & clear quartz  crystals & a "divine portal" have been added for enhanced heart and soul connection!

*** In addition, the bed is Enerpath Quantum Infused Amethyst Crystal for deep inner peace and access to higher consciousness simultaneously.  

Pricing ~ 30 Minutes ~ $50   45 Minutes ~ $75