Quantum Pendants

Balance, Protect, Enhance, Heal! 

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Enerpath Quantum Pendants                 
By Scientist, Inventor & Master Herbalist, David Calvert 


ALL Enerpath products utilize Quantum technology. In part, this refers to accessing the “zero point” field, where the laws of time, space & physical matter as we know it, are different.  As a result, molecular structure, time & frequencies can be altered & enhanced. 
ALL Enerpath products are ‘treated’ in a Quantum Field Accelerator. It does not infuse them with energy nor remove the product's inherent energy.  Rather, the Pendants for example, which are made of different stones & crystals, have their inherent qualities enhanced on a sub-atomic level.  They literally become open ‘portals’, accessing higher vibrational frequencies and light, that have a powerful regenerative healing effect on the ‘whole’ person.  When you wear one, the body will 'pull in' whatever it needs from any number of the thousands of frequencies that are available through the Enerpath Technology. Therefore, the Enerpath products allow for very broad spectrum healing, unique to each person.  If you loan it to someone else, their body will 'pull in' a whole different set of frequencies. Enerpath products do not absorb other people’s energy, nor do they need to be cleared, cleaned or reprogrammed. They have been tested to last well over a hundred years! 
In 1994, The National Institute of Health adopted a new term “Bio field” to describe the subtle energy field that extends out from the body. When this Bio field is out of balance, the body can become more susceptible to immune deficiencies, stress, anxiety, fatigue, back and joint pain, and lack of mental clarity are potential symptoms.  Enerpath products strengthen & balance the Bio field.  In addition, the frequencies allow for regenerative healing on a cellular and DNA level. 


*Medical Disclaimer ~Enerpath products are not intended to replace medical treatment. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent illness.  Please consult your physician before stopping or changing your current medical treatment plan*

Ideal to wear around the neck, resting on the thymus gland or anywhere between the throat and the sternum. It can also be carried in a pocket or tucked in clothing. 

USES & BENEFITS, commonly reported, but not limited to: 
*Protection from ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) & EMF (Electro-magnetic frequencies)   generated from commonly used electronic devices & locations such : as cell phones, cell towers,     microwaves, computers, tvs, power lines, airports, air planes, fluorescent lighting, etc.

* Reduces/ relieves pain (especially headaches, back, stomach, muscles & joints

* Encourages injuries to heal faster

* Improvement from chronic conditions and illnesses

* Transmutes negative energies caused by fear & stress

* Increases overall energy levels & mental clarity

* Inspires Dream Activity and Deeper Sleep

* Amplifies conscious intention & manifesting

* Neutralizes chemicals & toxins in:  food, water, supplements, meds, etc  

* Smooths out and enhances the taste of food & beverages (except soda)

* Decreases jetlag

* Enhances overall feelings of well-being

* Enhances balance, strength & stamina

* Enhances Intuition 
**For long term healing, the Pendant should be worn until the problem is resolved. Depending on your overall current state of health & well being, you may need to “build up” to wearing the pendant for long periods of time.  If you experience detox symptoms, excessive/over stimulated energy or unwanted/ ‘negative’ side effects, you may be experiencing a “healing crisis”. This is where the body begins to rid itself of toxins, chemicals & energies as healing begins.  If this occurs, you may want to start by wearing the pendant for shorter periods of time, while the body heals and adjusts to the higher frequencies. Please listen to your body & drink extra water.

 **Enerpath products are great for deeper sleep. But on occasion some people find they feel “wired” and unable to sleep.  If this is the case, you will want to wear the pendant during the day.


Small Round ~ 40ml ~ $145

Large Round ~ 50ml ~ $165

Trillium Cut ~ $165

Bail & Chains/Cords are included if you like.