Chakra Balancing Massage

On an Amethyst Crystal Bed!

RELAX and REJUVINATE like never before!!

Relaxing, therapeutic massage while lying on an AMETHYST CRYSTAL BED! As an energy healer and licensed massage therapist, I blend traditional Swedish/Therapeutic massage with energy balancing, while lying on a bed of high frequency  crystals! A 3 for 1 experience! This holistic blend creates a deeply restorative, “mind * body * spirit” experience with benefits that go beyond traditional massage and lasting long after your session has ended!! 

Reflexology ~ Foot and Hand Massage

Experience deep relaxation and the feel good sensation of a hand and foot massage! In addition to feeling wonderful, the hands and feet are maps that correspond to the entire body, both physically and energetically. Reflexology stimulates organs, enhances immune function, clears toxins, and balances the energy body.


30 Minutes - $60     1 Hour - $110