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Channeled Heaings

Quantum Energy Healing

Powerful yet gentle, multiple modality energy and high frequency light healing

Take a quantum leap forward! 

Our HEARTLIGHT healing sessions blend together the best of:  Reiki, Quantum Touch, Channeling, Reconnective & Angelic healing modalities. Each session is personalized to meet your needs and intentions. We are open channels, bringing through whatever healing, clearing and activation frequencies your soul calls forth.

Benefits of Energy Healing:

                   ~ Enhanced feelings of joy, love, clarity & peace

             ~ Increase intuition, spirituality & divine connection

          ~ Chakra, Aura, Meridian & Electromagnetic Balancing

        ~ Improved physical function, chronic pain & stress relief

              ~ Connect with guides, angels & loved ones passed

                  ~ Past life, Cellular Memory & Trauma Healing

                          ~ 12 Strand DNA Repair & Activation

What to expect in a healing session?

First, we get clear on what your intention is for your session, what you would like to shift, clear, heal, bring in, etc. Or perhaps you just want a  "tune-up" :)We then you get you comfortably lying on a massage table, fully clothed, listening to relaxing music. Through out the session, the practitioner will be gently place hands on and above your body, working with your chakras, aura, meridians and light body. As open channels, we bring through divine love, light, life force energy, messages and whatever frequencies are appropriate for you in the moment. Guided imagery, breath and sound may also be  incorporated in your session. 

Most people find it feels wonderful! Incredibly relaxing, peaceful, sometimes varies for each person. Sometimes, if there is a lot of stored emotion or trauma, aspects of it may be felt as it rises to the surface to be released. But this is usually only briefly, and not "reliving" an experience. Powerful healing often happens without a person having to re experience what they releasing, unless there is something that needs conscious understanding in order to be released.  It is gentle, yet powerful!

After your session you will most likely be feeling very light and peaceful. Some people feel energized, happy, "connected", etc. The healing, balancing and integrating will continue for several days to a week after your session. Sometimes the most powerful healing happens after the person leaves.

***It is important that for the next day or two you give yourself whatever you feel you need, most commonly is sleep. If you get tired afterwards, or the next day you feel a lag, that is because you physical and energetic body are catching up to the increased light and energy in your body, while denser energies are leaving. If you came for physical healing, the body may need time to recover, because you are literally healing inside and this requires rest. This does not usually last more than 24 to 48 hours. After that, you will most likely feel fantastic!***

  45 Minutes ~ $111 
 1 Hour ~ $144

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