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Crystal Light Healing Beds
Chakra & Aura Balancing

Combines Crystals, Color, Light & Energy Healing Frequencies together to clear & balance the energy in & outside your body.

First, you will be lying on an ENTIRE bed amethyst crystals that have been infused with powerful healing energies! :)

Above you,  7 clear quartz *INFUSED* crystals align with the 7 major chakras in your body, plus 2 palm chakra crystals.

Then 7 high frequency colors pass through the terminated crystals in a pattern that clears, balances & harmonizes the entire energy body!

Crystals are conduits and amplifiers of energy, making them  powerful tools in helping to clear and balance your energy!

In addtion, we connect you with divine energy healing frequencies & beings to support you during your session!

john of god bed.jpg

Benefits Include:

    *Increased intuition & spiritual connection

     *Feelings of inner peace, love & well being

      *Pain relief & improved physical function

          *Deep relaxation, calm & stress relief

             *Mental clarity & increase energy

                   *And more...Each person is

                        unique, as are results :)

    Feels Amazing!

30 Minutes ~ $50     45 Minutes ~ $75

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