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Connect with Your Higher Self, Guides, Angels & more!
For Insights, Guidance & Healing!


Everyone has inner guidance & access to spirit guides, its part of the human experience, & you do NOT need to be a "psychic" to access it! Regardless of belief systems, that guidance and loving support is ALWAYS there for you!


Whether you are a beginner or experienced, we can help you establish a connection, or enhance your existing one, for clearer guidance and/or healing! Psychic readings and healings are amazing, but so is having it flow through you directly! Nothing compares to experiencing it first hand, for yourself, and gaining more confidence and trust in your inner guidance!
In addition, as psychics and healers, we are experienced at channeling energy, so we will be "holding space" for you. This means we connect with your higher self and hold that vibration with you, helping you establish and/or strengthen that connection more easily!
We will then guide you through a 2 part meditation where you will have the opportunity to access messages from your Higher Self & Guides, as well as receive healing energy! If we encounter any blockages to this connection, we will help facilitate that clearing.
Come and experience HeartLight's Quantum Guided meditation, we bring it to a whole new level! 

Connect With Your Guides Price ~
30 Minutes ~ $70   
45 Minutes ~ $100

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