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My passion and purpose is to help you remember all that you are, to step into your full potential and live the life you dream! If you can imagine, its possible! The only limits we have in life are the ones we choose to accept. Whether its healing your body, mind & spirit, transcending fear, major life change, connecting with your souls purpose, gifts and abilities, inspiration, energy clearing and balancing, mentoring, soul readings, life path guidance, massage, crystal light therapy and so on....HeartLight can support you on your journey.  

I have personally healed from many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual "dis-eases" and now live a JOYFUL, medication and pain free life! In the past 13 years i been a full time healing arts practitioner and have been blessed to have assisted thousands of others on their journey to happy, healthy, inspired lives! I am an open channel, natural born psychic and multi-dimensional healer, massage therapist, and teacher and i I look forward to meeting  and working with you!

Penny Lane

Energy Healing Modalities:

* Quantum Regenerative Healing

* Reiki Master

*Reconnective Healing

*IET-Healing with Angels

Penny Lane, Owner/Practitioner



Multiple Modality


*Open Channel

*Massage Therapist


*Life Coach