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 Inspiring, Empowering, Divine! 
Psychic Readings, Energy Healing, Live Aura & Chakra Photo Readings, Crystal Massage, Crystal Light Bed, Chakra & Aura Balancing, Sound Bath/Healing, Soul Activations, Quantum Copper Crystal Pyramid sessions, Spirit Art, Quantum Pendants, Crystals, Jewelry & More!

Welcome to Sedona HeartLight!

HeartLight is a metaphysical healing & empowerment center with a gift shop,  in the heart of magical Sedona Arizona!

We are  passionate, experienced and gifted psychics, healers, teachers, massage therapists, spiritual counselors and sound healers, here to assist you in creating & living  more of the life you dream! We offer a wide range of services from fun aura photos to deep healings! See our services menus for more details!

We look forward to assisting you on your journey with more laughter, love & light!

Infused Crystal Copper Pyramid on a Quantum Amethyst Crystal Bed! 

Angelic infused rose & clear quartz crystals & a "divine portal" have been added to the pyramid for enhanced heart and soul connection!

Experience a 



in HeartLight's


Crystal Copper Pyramid! 

3 Sessions in 1! 

Balance & Clear your chakras, aura, nervous system and cells & connect to peace & higher consciousness all in one!

Live & In 3D!
Aura & Chakra Photo Readings & Reports

Most advanced technology & highest quality reports 

 Aura & Chakra Photo Readings

*Learn your personal colors and what they mean!

*See your Aura & Chakras live and in 3D, not just a photo!

*Live Chakra & Aura clearing with Biofeedback!

13 page full color report with photo!

Crystal Light Bed

Above and Below! Lie on an entire bed of infused amethyst crystals, with  7 color frequency chakra crystals above you, plus 2 palm crystals in each hand!  Connects you to powerful, yet gentle healing energy and light frequencies, divine beings & your higher self! *FEELS AMAZING!*

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Contact: (928) 451-5512