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Awaken Your Spirit and

Transform Your Life!

 Inspiring, Empowering, Divine! 
Psychic Readings, Energy Healing,  Aura & Chakra Photo Readings, Crystal Light Beds, Chakra & Aura Balancing, Sound Healing, DNA/Lightbody  Activations, Quantum Crystal Pyramid, Quantum Pendants, Crystals, Jewelry, Tarot & Oracle Cards & more!

Welcome to Sedona HeartLight Healing!

HeartLight is a metaphysical healing & empowerment center with a crystal gift shop,  in the HEART of Sedona Arizona!

We are  passionate, experienced and gifted psychics, healers, spiritual counselors, mentors and sound healers, here to assist you in creating & living  more of the life you dream! We offer a wide range of services from fun aura/chakra photo readings to deep healings & psychic readings. See our services menu for more details!

Looking for oracle & tarot cards, crystals, jewelry, wall hangings, and powerful healing pendants...we have those too! 

We look forward to assisting you on your journey to more peace, love, joy, awakening & empowerment! 

 Quantum Crystal Copper Pyramid on an  Amethyst Crystal Bed! 
Angelic & love infused rose & clear quartz crystals & a "divine portal" have been added to the pyramid for healing & enhanced heart & soul connection!


in HeartLight's
Quantum Crystal Copper Pyramid! 
3 Sessions in 1! 
Balance & Clear your chakras, aura and
nervous system &
connect to peace, love & higher consciousness all in one!

Live & In 3D!
Aura & Chakra Photo Readings & Reports
todd aura photo (2).jpg

Most advanced technology & highest quality reports 

 Aura & Chakra Photo Readings

*Learn your personal colors and what they mean!

*See your Aura & Chakras live and in 3D, not just a photo!

*Live Chakra & Aura clearing with Biofeedback!

13 page full color report with photo!

Crystal Light Healing Beds
Above and Below! Lie on an entire bed of quantum amethyst crystals, with  7 chakra color frequency, vogel crystals above you, plus 2 palm crystals in each hand!  Connects you to powerful, yet gentle healing energy and light frequencies, divine beings & your higher self! *FEELS AMAZING!*

Crystal Light Bed
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